>Science show for families

小学生をはじめとした子どもたちはもちろん、大人までワクワクどきどきが止まらない 親子で楽しめるファミリー向けのショーを開催しています。
“The scientist Denjiro’s produce” is an interesting experiment live show. Both parents and children can enjoy an exciting show right before their very own eyes, and you should retain all of memories without even thinking about it. The hugely popular air cannon and paper boomerang, as well as the short tale of the scientific pirates, the interesting science behind light and shadows as well as a science quiz, static electricity giant balloon experiments that everyone can take part in etc etc. What will fly out depends on the day, please look forward to it! Please enjoy our exciting and exhilarating experiment shows to your hearts content.
Not just large halls, but it is also possible for this event to be held in assembly halls as well as smaller auditoriums. Please experience science coming for an amazing performance.
You are able to plan your location, time and price. Our specialized staff will create a plan for your wanted event.
※Registrations and questions are being handled by Yonemura Denjiro Science Production. Firstly, please by all means contact us with your questions.