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I had a deep interest in “Denjiro’s interesting science experiments” when I saw them on T.V and thought that it would be amazing for nurturing the children’s minds. however, children’s minds at the age of 3 tend to wander as they’re unable to concentrate very well so I was worried that they might lose interest half-way through the show. But when I arrived, I found that those worries were not needed. With a great sense of naturalness, they brought up the atmosphere of the room whilst singing and laughing, it was beyond my expectations. Without a single exception, all of the children where enjoying the show to it’s fullest, the one’s who usually can’t calm down were concentrating and the usually quiet children showed me some facial expressions that I had never yet seen before from them. They definitely created an “Amazing experience for kids”. The children’s questions such as “I want to try this” or “What happens if I do this?” increased for both their parents and teachers. As a teacher myself, I also learned some hints on how to “Peak a child’s interest”.