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利用規約The site (http://www.science-ent.com) is being managed by the company Science entertainment (Stated below as “Company”.)
In the case that the site is being use, the following rules must be followed.

All of the things published in the site, are owned by the company. Without concern of whether it is for profit or non profit, without our permission, we decline any and all use of our material completely.

Everything that appears on the site and also the services, the copyright is owned by both the company or possibly companies related to the company, or possibly someone who is working alongside the company. Use of these materials without permission is prohibited by law.

Contact us
If you have questions or complaints about the company, please send an e-mail to (info@science-ent.com)
Published 11th of November, 2015


The company will. With regards to the handling of personal information, following the laws of protecting personal information, lay out a privacy policy plan, and follow the things stated below.

Personal information
Things sent when you contact us such as address, full name, phone number, mail address etc. which can be used to identify or information that relates to being identified such as but not limited to records, birth dates etc., will be treated as personal information. In general, when entering information, only your name is required.

Usage of acquired information
If information is required from the person in question, we will outline below clearly the usage of said information. Also, if the Information is acquired from a 3rd party, we will follow the laws stated about personal information, and acquire the information using reasonable means.

Personal information usage and offerings
The personal information that the company is holding, baed on the situations below, can be given to 3rd parties.
・When permission is acquired from the person in question.。
・When a public institution (Such as the police or a court of law), has requested the information by law.
・When we wish to notify the person in question about a service from another trusted company and the information becomes required.
(However, the company cannot use the personal information for any other reason than stated above.)

With regards to the procedures for release, editing and deletion of information
If there is a request from the person In question, we will delete all the information based on that person and stop all usage immediately.

Name of the person who is undertaking the handling of information
Company name:Science Entertainment .Inc
Office:2-5-6-205, Omorihoncho, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 143-0011, Japan

The company will constantly be reviewing the privacy policy and looking for ways to improve it.
Published 11th of November, 2015